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Our Story


Launched in 2015


We are the newest, the most authentic Italian restaurant in Greenwich, London.

Reginella (the little queen) restaurant is proud to offer the very Italian food to those who love tradition, quality, tasteful and authentic Italian food and live in Greenwich and or the surrounding London areas.

Our food is not different, or fancy nor is extravagant. We only make the good, old, traditional delicious recipes people have enjoyed from the times of Pompeii civilisation to today`s people of Naples in Italy.


Meet our Chef


Our Chef is of ethnic Italian origin, she comes from the small city of Salerno, the southern part of Italy. Her passion for food originates deep down in the region’s traditions. She decided to move to London some years ago, where she has worked in all different places, from top restaurants to private chef serving the demand for great authentic Italian food.



We Serve With Passion

We put our hearts into serving our customers, we are well known for our passion for a great service. The kind of service an authentic Italian restaurant is expected to offer. You will probably think you are in Italy.

Healthy Foods

All our food is sourced through a network of Italian suppliers. Everything we make, is freshly prepared on daily basis. No freshly frozen, no ready to cook, only honest authentic Italian style.

Open All Day, every day.

We are open all day, every day. From time for breakfast, through-out dinner. Should that not be convenient enough, we will deliver to your living room.